Sorry I've Been Busy

Morning, I had a busy few days, Christmas shopping. We are putting the Christmas tree up later today, Megan and Makenzy's been dying to put the tree up as some of there friends at school have then up. We've had to buy a new tree as Andrew through all our Christmas things out when we moved at the beginning of the year. Never thought buying a tree was so hard, then when we got the tree it was the decs, I've never had a colour for my tree as we've always had little one and let them pick for the tree and dress it, but I thought it would be nice to have one this year (not a good idea, took me ages to decide on a colour lol). I must of looked a right one in Country Basket (warehouse), I had Andrew trying different things on the trees they had up, I did decide on RED and GOLD, Megan and Makenzy had said but I had to try different colours first (after all I'm a woman). While I remember I did say I would show you Megan's hat/scarf/hat so here it is


Nicky Wilcox said...

Oww this looks great love it xx

Kate M said...

This looks great - could do with one of these myself.


Linda said...

This looks real warm and cosy.

Linda xxx

Danie May said...

Wow as Linda has said this looks so warm and cozy. I an envious of your knitting skills. xx