Good Night

Grandchildren Thomas and Sophie have just went home with there Granda to go to bed. We've had them since teatime as our daughter is doing the voting today. I love having them they always know how to make me smile, They were having tea, shower and jimjams on before going home, so after tea I told them they were going in the shower, Sophie loves my shower with it being big (so my wheelchair can fit in), but Thomas kept saying Nana no shower. Well Sophie get's in and within 2 minutes Thomas had his clothes off and was in too. 20 minutes later telling them it was time to get out, Thomas says "5 minutes Nana" and Sophie just saying "not clean yet Granda", so for someone that didn't want to go in the shower we ended up with a crying match because they didn't want to get out. Oh and by the way, both said to Granda " we see you Sunday Granda for Nana's shower lol, I love our Grandchildren so much.


Dawn Lancaster said...

Dawn xx

PinkyLisasInkyCrafts said...

Lol I love children :-) I think my mum would love to be a nan at some point but I think she will be disappointed :-( xxxx