Haven't Had Time

Evening, I haven't had time to do anything today. We were up and out the house for 8.30am for Megan and Makenzy for school, once dropping them off at school it was round to pick up Nana Muriel so she could get her hair done (she 82 years and goes every week). After dropping her of it was to the Metro Centre to meet Andrew's parents as it's was his Dad's birthday. After a cup of tea, which I really enjoyed (first cup of the day) it was Christmas shopping time, we only had till 2.30pm to get everything we needed or should say carry. We managed to get Build-A-Bear for Harvay with JimJams, books for Nikki and Megan, Hotwheels for Thomas, nail art studio and nail art for Megan. Oh and a Kobo Glo with a case for me for Christmas, it was back in the car and back to school to pick Megan and Makenzy back up, We had to hide the presents in the back of the car so they didn't see them. Nice cup of tea and off out again at 5.45pm to The Stone Brook Hotel/Pub for a lovely meal or so we thought with Megan, Makenzy, Lee, Kirsty and baby Harvey. We has to wait 1hour and 10 minutes for our food as they were busy (on looking around we couldn't see that many), only to find it was over cooked. So not going there again. In bed now all snuggled up with heat pad.

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