Just A Quicky

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers,  using my phone to write this so hope it works never done it like this before.  Been working on DT cards today managed to get 3 done 1 more to do. Got men coming in the morning to take my bathroom floor up, only been down since Oct last year, but whoever put it down didn't do it right and there has be a leak under the flooring somewhere, now all the flooring has lifted. Going to do some more cards tomorrow while they do the bathroom need something to keep me busy.                                                                                                                Megan's found out she's going to meet Alan Shearer at St James Park at 11.30am on Wednesday and she'll be having dinner and pics taking, she's full of it.                                                                             No cards to add tonight as I'm using my phone and I know I'm not that good to add pics.

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