What A Day

Evening Crafty Friends and Followers, hope you've all a better day than I have had today. It makes me think where do North Tyneside Council (kier) get the workers from. Had them out today for the damp we have and we were told..... wait for's because we have furniture against the wall, not sure where you should put your furniture. The man said just wash your walls down and move the furniture of the walls. In the bathroom that was only finished in Oct last year all the flooring has started to lift, so need someone out for that, (but it's nothing to do with the damp, according to the council today, even though we have damp in there as well, but as the council said everyone has damp in the bathroom).  On the good side just had a brand new front door fitted and it works great for me, (it's auto, push the button and it open's for me).
Been doing a bit of all sorts today while we've had workmen in, I crochet another 2 lavender bags (need them at the minute with the damp), I've been asked to make another baby blanket using Rico Baby Pom Pom (in blue and white), I'm enjoying knitting them again, I made about 25 last year for friends and family. I also made a card.
Here are some pics of today

 Damp on one of the units we only bought in Oct
 Crochet Lavender Bag
 Bathroom Flooring
A quick Birthday card for a friend's daughter

Have a lovely evening and also a lovely tomorrow


Lexie said...

Hope this gets sorted out soon Paula.

I rent this house privately and the damp's awful. We live in a very damp area anyway, and the house is so badly neglected, which is a shame as it could be a fab house. Flipping useless landlords, grrrr.

Janice Ayers said...

My daughter has the same problem in her house and has to wash mould off every other day :) Hope you can get it sorted somehow, Love the card and the bag :)

Linda Simpson said...

So sorry to hear you have damp. Landlords can be a pain.

Loving the lavender bag and the gorgeous card.

Linda xxx

Danie May said...

Sorry to hear about all the damp in your home, fortunately we don't have this too much here where I live in Australia. Getting landlords to act can be such a bother though......Your craft projects are lovely. I Hope you have a better day tomorrow. xx

Kate M said...

Poundland sell something called a damp trap - which collects the moisture in the air. I use these in my wardrobes which are on the outside walls and you should see the amount of water that is collected in them! It's worth a try!
Fab lavender bag and the dress on that card is stunning!!